These are the courses offered by NILIS.



Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) Level

Minimum Qualification

Applications called?

1Advanced Certificate in Librarianship (ACL)2G.C.E. O/LYes, Click here
2Diploma in Library & Information Management (DLIM)3G.C.E. A/LYes, Click here
3Diploma in Public Librarianship (DPL)3G.C.E. A/LYes, Click here
4Diploma in School Librarianship (DSL)3G.C.E. A/LYes, Click here
5Higher Diploma in Library & Information Management
4Diploma in Library and Information ScienceYes, Click here
6Postgraduate Diploma in Library and Information Science (PGLIS)8Degree/professional qualificationsYes, Click here
7Postgraduate Diploma in Teacher Librarianship (PGTL)8Degree/professional qualificationsNo.
8Master in Teacher Librarianship (MTL)9Degree/professional qualificationsNo.
9Master in Information Management (MIM)9Degree/professional qualificationsNo.
10Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management (PGDIM)9Degree/professional qualificationsNo.
11Master in Library and Information Science (MLS)10Degree/professional qualificationsNo.
12MPhil / PhD11/12Master in Library and Information Science (MLS)Applications accepted throughout the year.