NILIS provides a continuous pathway to develop your professional career and academic life. A graphical representation of the development pathway is available here. Details of individual courses are given under the course names in the left panel.

  • MTL, MLS, and MIM refer to Masters in Teacher Librarianship, Masters in Library Science, and Masters in Information Management respectively. Parallel postgraduate diploma courses are named with the prefix, ‘PG’.

  • The above time durations are for full time studies. Part time programs usually run longer than given here.

  • As depicted above, there are opportunities to directly start Postgraduate Diploma, Masters, or PhD programmes if you have already obtained required minimum entry qualifications (E1 to E5). Those who complete each level qualify for the next level. E1 to E6 are based on the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (L1 to L10). These are on par with the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) too.

  • Some of the modules/units of the above programmes are made available for public as workshops and seminars. This Web site is frequently updated with such information. See training programmes.