“Assuring Quality in Higher Education Libraries” - A Short Training Program


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  1. Please deposit the program fee to the Acc. No. 086100101191736 of NILIS, held at the Bank of Ceylon, Thimbirigasyaya Branch.
  2. Complete the online registration form, upload the payment confirmation, and submit on or before 20th May 2024.

Date of Commencement

We plan to start the program on 30th May 2024
at 9.00 am
. The full guide to the sessions will be provided at the Registration.


Libraries play a crucial role in supporting the academic endeavors of students and faculty in higher education institutions, by providing access to a wide range of resources, offering study spaces, research assistance, and access to academic support services, incorporating innovative technologies and digital resources, and serving as hubs for collaboration among the user community. The quality of a library has a direct impact on the quality of education and research at the Higher Education Institutes (HEI), making it an indispensable resource for academic excellence and success. Therefore, ensuring the quality of library services and resources is vital for the success of any HEI.

Your Investment

Program Fee: Rs 20,500.00

Objective of the program

To equip the staff of the Higher Education Institutions in Sri Lanka, especially in the private sector, with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to achieve quality assurance in their libraries, thereby ensuring the delivery of high-quality library services and resources to students, faculty, and researchers.

Target Group

The administrative authorities in charge of the quality assurance and the Senior library staff of the Higher Education Institutions in Sri Lanka.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

By following this training program, you will be able to

  1. define quality assurance, according to the recognized criteria for quality assurance in Sri Lankan university / higher education institute libraries.
  2. identify key stakeholders involved in quality assurance processes and relevant frameworks.
  3. demonstrate proficiency in assessing library services and resources using appropriate methods and tools.
  4. apply principles of collection development, management, and diversity to enhance library collections.
  5. develop skills in designing and delivering effective information literacy instruction sessions.
  6. explore innovative technologies and strategies for improving library services.
  7. understand the importance of staff development and training in maintaining high-quality library services.
  8. implement strategies for self-evaluation and continuous improvement in library operations and services.

Mode of Conducting and Duration

The program will be delivered onsite at NILIS and will consist of 08 sessions. Each session will be conducted from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon. In this model, you will participate in only two sessions per week allowing you to focus on official matters without a continuous distraction. A range of teaching/learning methods such as lectures, classroom discussions, exercises, guides, and a site visit, will be used within the training program to ensure a well-rounded and engaging learning experience for participants, catering to different learning styles and preferences.

Certificate of Participation

A Certificate of Participation will be awarded to those who attend 80% or more of the sessions.

Program Contents

  • Session 1: Assurance in the context of Sri Lankan Higher Education Institutes.
  • Session 2: Building a strong resource collection.
  • Session 3: Information Literacy and Instruction (with a sight visit)
  • Session 4: Technology and Innovation in Libraries
  • Session 5: Staff Development and Training
  • Session 6: Collaboration and Partnerships for success.
  • Session 7: Continuous Improvement and Quality Assurance.
  • Session 8: Assessing Library Services and Resources

The Resource Persons

The panel of resource persons are highly experienced university librarians and academics with extensive knowledge and expertise not only in library science and information management, but also in quality assurance in the public university libraries. Many of the resource persons hold leadership positions within their respective institutions, indicating their ability to lead and influence positive change in library operations. They are at the forefront of innovation in library services, constantly seeking new ways to leverage technology and improve access to information for students, faculty, and researchers.

Further Information

Email: info@nilis.cmb.ac.lk

Telephone: +94 70 147 86 79

WhatsApp: +94 70 147 86 79

Address: National Institute of Library & Information Sciences (NILIS), Colombo 03, Sri Lanka

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