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Postgraduate Diploma in Library and Information Science (PGLIS) is a one-year degree with a short research component. It is placed at Level 08 of the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF).

The candidate who registers for the PGLIS completes 30 credits at the end of the course.

Entry qualifications to the Postgraduate Diploma in Library and Information Science

The applicant should possess both A and B.

A) A Bachelors degree awarded from a recognized higher education institution.


Associateship of the Sri Lanka Library Association/ Chartered Librarianship and 10 years of work experience in a recognized library in an executive capacity.

B) A satisfactory working knowledge in English

The candidate should also pass a selection test conducted by NILIS.

Medium of instruction

The course will be conducted in English.

Course fee: Rs. 100,000. It is payable in two installments.

Delivery of lessons and assessment:

The classes will be held on Sundays at the NILIS, University of Colombo. Some lessons (20-30%) will be conducted online. Continuous assessments (individual and/or group work) will be conducted for each module. To sit for semester-end examinations, a candidate should fulfill the requirement of 80% attendance.

Course Outline:

PGLIS 7401 Library and Information Environment
PGLIS 7303 Collection Management and Organization of information
PGLIS 7507 Information Sources and Services
PGLIS 7700 Information and Communication Technology
PGLIS 7801 Management for LIS Professionals
PGLIS 7508 Types of Library and Information Centers
PGLIS 7900 Research Methodology
PGLIS 7950 Dissertation

Course Coordinator: Dr. Ruwan Gamage

Application Process

Please send the completed application by post to NILIS, University of Colombo on or before 18th 30th of September 2020 by registered post. Please attach the bank slip of application processing charges (Rs.250) along with the application. The account details have been given in the application.

Download the application