NILIS Training

NILIS, University of Colombo faculty comprises of specialists in Information Literacy (exploring, retrieving, evaluating, organising, and repackaging information), Information Communication Technology (ICT), Information Systems and Library & Information Management.

NILIS arranges workshops and training sessions on a regular basis. Such information can be obtained from here.

Name of the training programme Audience Next starting date open/close Notes
Information Literacy training programmes for General Education (based on Empowering 8 model) Education Administrators, School Teachers, Principles and other interested parties Not scheduled  – Conducted by the School Library Development Unit of the Ministry of Education, and the Provincial Education Departments with the assistance of NILISDirector/SLDU, Ministry of education (MoE). Principle Resource Person: Mr P G Pemadasa, Senior Lecturer/NILIS
Training Courses for Teacher Librarians (TCTL) conducted by the School Library Development Unit of the Ministry of Education (MoE) with the assistance of NILIS School teachers and Principles Not scheduled  –  –
Digital Literacy Programme for Professionals (Writers, Journalists, etc. – DLP) Professionals in respective fields Not scheduled  –  –
Information Skills course for Computer Application Assistants  (CAA) Computer Application Assistants Not scheduled Open for enrollment  >>>More info
Information Skills course for Clerical Grades and Management Assistants  (CGMA) Computer Applications Assistants, Management Assistants, and other grades Not scheduled  –  –
Advance training programme for Library Assistants (ATLA) Library Assistants, Documentation Assistants, and Information Assistants Not scheduled  –  –
Training programme  for Library Attendants and Support Staff (TLA) Library Attendants and other Support Staff Not scheduled  –  –
Certificate Course in English and Information Literacy Skills Employees of Public and private sector, unemployed youth and school leavers 18 October 2015  Open for enrollement  >>>More info