NILIS MPhil/PhD programme in Library Sciences is offered for students with necessary academic and professional qualifications and an aptitude to carry out quality research in the field of Library & Information Sciences. The degree is carried out through supervised research, but with required coursework that is deemed necessary by the Higher Degrees Committee (HDC), NILIS.


Candidates may first submit the online application. Upon discussion with the coordinator, the candidate may then submit a concept paper of 1-2 pages, briefly discussing the research problem the candidate is trying to address.


If the HDC approves the candidature, he/she will be asked to register for the Degree of Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) as the case may be. Minimum registration period for the MPhil shall be two (02) years, and for the PhD three (03) years.

The students who first register as candidates for MPhil degree may subsequently upgraded as a full PhD candidate.

Applying for the MPhil/PhD programme

Applications are accepted throughout the year.