MIM and PGDIM courses were introduced by NILIS in 2013 to cater to the ever-growing need for professionals competent in managing information in the business setting.

Going away from the common perception that librarianship is limited to traditional libraries, NILIS has over the years produced top quality information management professionals. The syllabus has been prepared, learning from the global leaders in information management educational solutions providers.

Entry qualifications

Masters in Information Management (MIM) 

a) Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management of NILIS OR
b) Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology/Information Management/Computer Science /Library and Information Science or equal or higher qualification; OR
c) Fellowship of Sri Lanka Library Association (SLLA) or Associateship of SLLA with 10 year post qualification LIS experience at senior level including the required post qualification experience for the Associateship. OR
d) Any equal or higher qualification.

Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management (PGDIM)

a) A bachelor degree in the field of Library & Information Science /Information Management /Information Technology/ Computer Science or a similar field OR
b) A bachelor degree from any field of study and at least 2 years of relevant experience in LS field OR
c) Diploma in Library & Information Science from NILIS/Sri Lanka Library Association or Higher Diploma in Library & Information Science from Kelaniya University or Diploma in Information Technology/Computer Science or similar qualification with 3 year relevant experience OR
d) Diploma in Education from a university/Institution with 4 years relevant experience OR
e) National Diploma in Teaching from a College of Education with the subjects of Library and Information Science/Information Technology and 4 years relevant experience OR
f) Any other equal or higher qualification.


Course Outline

Master in Information Management (MIM)

MIM 8501 Information & Knowledge Management
8501.1 Security
1. Security Concepts and Principles, 2. Security Types
8501.2 Records Management
1. Records Management Principles and Standards, 2. The Records Management Lifecycle, 3. Regulatory and Jurisdictional Factors
8501.3 Data Privacy
1. Data Privacy Fundamentals, 2. Administration Rights and Personal Information Management
8501.4 Digital Rights Management
1. Principles and Compliance Support, 2. Protection and Security Tools
8501.5 Archiving
1. Archiving and Storage Concepts, 2. Alternative Approaches, 3. Standards and their effect on archiving, 4. Long Term Access
8501.6 eDiscovery
1. Practices and Processes, 2. E-Discovery Web Capture, Authentication, and Costs, 3. ESI Asset Production and Compilation, 4. Digital Forensics

MIM 8704 Information Architecture
8704.1 Information Architecture
1. User Experience and Personalization, 2. Information Architecture Fundamentals, 3. Content Organization and Classification, 4. Information Relationship Building, 5. Conducting a Content and Metadata Audit, 6. Web Site and Social Navigation
8704.2 Technical architecture
1. Implementation Models and Backup, 2. Pilots, System Audits and Server Responsibility, 3. Virtualization, 4. Consumer Technology and Organizational Architectures
8704.3 Cloud Computing
1. Cloud Computing
8704.4 Mobile applications
1. Mobile Device Capture and Access, 2. Notification Techniques and Location-based Services, 3. Impacts on E-Commerce, Information Architecture and Usability
8704.5 Websites and Portals
1. Internet and Web Properties and Principles, 2. Web Content Management (WCM) Principles and Standards, 3. WCM Tools, 4. Website Usability, 5. Means of Internet Access

MIM 8705 Design, Development & Management of ICT Infrastructure
8705.1 Planning and Implementation of ICT Projects
1. Key Planning Components, 2. Planning and Analysis Tools and Types, 3. Maturity Models, Technology Trends, and Internal IT Impact Analysis
8705.2 Building the Business Case
1. Clarifying Needs and Metrics, 2. Business Case and Risk Analysis Elements and Expertise, 3. Metrics, Trade Studies and Budgets
8705.3 Implementation Planning
1. Project Planning, 2. Software Development Methodologies, 3. RFIs and RFPs, 4. Management Statement of Work, Procurement, and Scope
8705.4 Requirements Definition
1. Requirements Definition
8705.5 Solution Design
1. Solution Design

MIM 8901 Advanced Research Methodology & Statistical Applications
8901.1 Literature Survey
1. Collection of secondary data, 2. Reference Styles, 3. Reference Management
8901.2 Research Process
1. Research problem & objectives, 2. Research design, 3. Data collection, 4. Sampling, 5. Data collection, 6. Data analysis and presentation
8901.3 Data Analysis using Statistical Software
1. Quantitative Analysis, 2. Qualitative Analysis
8901.4 Scientific Writing
1. Literature Review, 2. Scientific Writing, 3. Research proposal, 4. Preventing Plagiarism

Optional Module



Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management (PGDIM)

PGDIM 7402 World of Information and Knowledge Structures

7402.1 Characteristics of Information & Information Professions Knowledge pyramid, Characteristics of information, Information cycle, Information professions 7402.2 Enterprise Information Search Search Components Overview, Infrastructure Search Techniques, Functional Search Techniques, Search Engine Optimization, Information Correlation and Comparison 7402.3 Business Intelligence Tools and Processes Business Intelligence Tools and Processes, BI, BPM, and Reporting Business Intelligence 7402.4 Master data management Tools and Tasks MDM Tools and Tasks, MDM Data and Information Types, MDM Data Quality and Information Governance 7402.5 Text Analytics Knowledge Structures, Text Analytics

PGDIM 7708 Productivity Software & Social Media

7708.1 Productivity tools Creating and editing text, images, audio and video, Reading and Summerising, Diaries and Calendars 7708.2 Collaboration Enabling Technologies, Core Functionality, Required Social Functionality, Virtual Teams, Leveraging Consumer IT and Commercial Sites, Management by Roles and Responsibilities, Governance by Roles and Responsibilities 7708.3 Social Media Social Media Value Proposition, Primary Varieties of Social Media, Mobile, Local, and Social as Business Process Enablers, Social Content Management, Integrating Social Technologies 7708.4 Information Workspace Enabling Tools, Social Computing and Web 2.0 7708.5 Instant Messaging Instant Messaging Basics, Instant Messaging Risks and Responses, Instant Messaging Architectures 7708.6 Telecommuting Support Telecommuting Access and Use Telecommuting Device and Network Issues 7708.7 Web Conferencing Web Conferencing

PGDIM 7500 Information Management

7500.1 Information Capture Types of Capture, Indexing Strategies, Capture Planning and Preparation, Integration Techniques, Compression Techniques and Formats 7500.2 Business Process Management Process Improvement Technologies, Relating Process and Information Management, Analysis Techniques, Process Auditing, Routing by Roles and Responsibilities, BPM and BPR 7500.3 Knowledge Management Knowledge Management 4
7500.4 Email Management Email Management Concepts and Issues, Email Architecture – Backup and Archiving, What and When to Manage Email 7500.5 Content management Principles and Lifecycle Considerations, Content Lifecycle Considerations, Format Considerations, Workgroup and Public Access Considerations, Content Inventory and Metrics and Interactions, Digital Asset and Case Management

PGDIM 7706 Digital Libraries and Information Resources

7706.1 Digital Library Creation and Management
Digital Library Standards, Digital Library Creation 7706.2 Information Resources Digital Information Sources, Access and Control Scientific Writing, Referencing, Copyright, Preventing Plagiarism
7706.3 Infometry & Scientometry
Principles and applications of infometry, Scientometry Altmetrics
7706.4 Information Stewardship
Principals of Reference Librarianship, Principles of Archiving, Digital Preservation

PGDIM 7900 Research Methodology

7900.1 Literature Survey
Collection of secondary data, Reference Styles, Reference Management
7900.1 Research Process Research problem & objectives, Research design, Data collection, Sampling, Data collection, Data analysis and presentation 7900.1 Scientific Writing Literature Review, Scientific Writing, Research proposal, Preventing Plagiarism