NILIS Courses Restarted

After a long period of closure due to Covid-19, NILIS restarted on-site classes during the last few days. The following precautionary measures have been taken for the safety of students, faculty, and the staff.

  • Visitors are advised not to enter the premises if they have a fever or suspicious symptoms of Covid-19. Temperature is checked while entering into the University. All visitors and staff must wear face masks.
  • Keeping distance between individuals. Classrooms have been rearranged to keep one-meter distance between desks.
  • Containers with sanitization gel have been placed at multiple places.
  • Special dust bins have been placed to discard used face masks.
  • Notices displayed everywhere to remind good practices and health advice.

Our first priority is to conduct overdue examinations. NILIS is taking measures to release the results of past exams as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, several new batches of students will be joining in September 2020. The Annual Research Symposium is also to be held by November.

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